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ZA 13 MOULD WT 45 ZA 13 MOULD WT 45 – suggested for mould making ( plaster, candles resins and concrete moulding)RTV2 ADDITION (PLATINUM) SILICONE RUBBER INHIBITIONBe aware that contact with certain material can inhibit the curing of the RTV2 poly‐addition silicone rubber. Common contaminants to be avoided are:
  • Natural or synthetic rubber vulcanized with sulphur derivates;
  • Poly‐condensation RTV catalysed with metallic salts;
  • PVC stabilizing agents;
  • Amine cured epoxies;
  • Sulphur (plasticine based of sulphur), Tin and Amines derivates.
  • In case of doubt it’s recommended to carry out a small test by pouring the mixture onto a small area of the object.
  • Be also aware of possible cross‐contamination; it’s highly recommended to use only dedicated gear when processing poly‐addition RTVs (including degassing devices).
RTV2 ADDITION (PLATINUM) SILICONE RUBBERNote: The working time and setting time are reduced if the temperature exceeds 23°C (ex. If the temperature is 40°C, the working time is reduced and the setting time is approximately halved).If the temperature is less than 23°C both the working time and setting time increase considerably. (ex. If the temperature is 4°C, the working time doubles and the Setting time increases three times the minutes indicated at 23°C ).Please consider the following changement of setting time in case of increase of temperature (considering a standard silicone with 18/20 minutes of WT like HT 33 TRASPARENT ).• TEMPERATURE 18°C: TWT 32 MIN. SETTING TIME 360 MIN• TEMPERATURE 23°C: TWT 21 MIN. SETTING TIME 210 MIN• TEMPERATURE 30°C: TWT 12 MIN. SETTING TIME 75 MIN• TEMPERATURE 35°C: TWT 8 MIN. SETTING TIME 60 MIN• TEMPERATURE 40°C: TWT 6 MIN. SETTING TIME 45 MINThe silicone rubber RTV 2 could resist in general till ‐ 40 °C 250 °CWe know that some silicone like ZA 32 LT ROSSO,ZA 35 MOULD FAST and ZA 50 LT could resists till400°C for short periods.
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