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ZA 22 MOULDZA 22 MOULD ( available also in a longer version pot life 40 minutes, setting time 6/8 hours: ZA 22‐45 MOULD NEUTRO)RTV2 ADDITION (PLATINUM) SILICONE RUBBER INHIBITIONBe aware that contact with certain material can inhibit the curing of the RTV2 poly‐addition silicone rubber. Common contaminants to be avoided are:Natural or synthetic rubber vulcanized with sulphur derivates;Poly‐condensation RTV catalysed with metallic salts;PVC stabilizing agents;Amine cured epoxies;Sulphur (plasticine based of sulphur), Tin and Amines derivates.In case of doubt it’s recommended to carry out a small test by pouring the mixture onto a small area of the object.Be also aware of possible cross‐contamination; it’s highly recommended to use only dedicated gear when processing poly‐addition RTVs (including degassing devices).RTV2 ADDITION (PLATINUM) SILICONE RUBBERNote: The working time and setting time are reduced if the temperature exceeds 23°C (ex. If the temperature is 40°C, the working time is reduced and the setting time is approximately halved).If the temperature is less than 23°C both the working time and setting time increase considerably. (ex. If the temperature is 4°C, the working time doubles and the Setting time increases three times the minutes indicated at 23°C ).Please consider the following changement of setting time in case of increase of temperature (considering a standard silicone with 18/20 minutes of WT like HT 33 TRASPARENT ).• TEMPERATURE 18°C: TWT 32 MIN. SETTING TIME 360 MIN• TEMPERATURE 23°C: TWT 21 MIN. SETTING TIME 210 MIN• TEMPERATURE 30°C: TWT 12 MIN. SETTING TIME 75 MIN• TEMPERATURE 35°C: TWT 8 MIN. SETTING TIME 60 MIN• TEMPERATURE 40°C: TWT 6 MIN. SETTING TIME 45 MINThe silicone rubber RTV 2 could resist in general till
  • ‐ 40 °C
  • 250 °C
We know that some silicone like ZA 32 LT ROSSO,ZA 35 MOULD FAST and ZA 50 LT could resists till400°C for short periods. Suggested for mould making (plaster and resins)
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