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ICSF SOLUSThe New Solus Stand Alone Spray Fluxer is the total solution where process control is compulsory. It uses Multi-Flux Layer Concept in combination with its proven Full Cone Spray Nozzle to overcome both the Through Hole Penetration and cleanliness of the printed circuit boards. The Multi-Flux Layer Concept guarantees sufficient flux inside the holes without excess of flux on the PCB surface. With the NEW ICSF-SOLUS Spray Fluxer, it secures the 100% Hole Filling with fLux.Key Features
  • Ensures good filling of the through holes
  • Multi-Flux Layer Concept
  • Low Spray Pressure
  • Suitable for VOC-Free Fluxes
  • Minimum Setup Time
  • Stand Alone Unit with Continues and Discontinues Spray Options.
  • Easy Flux Quantity Control (Settings on PLC).
  • Spray pressure PID control.
  • Flux Supply with filter direct from the drum.
  • Ventury Nozzle design reduces the risk on clogging the Nozzle.
  • Emergency Stop, Tower Light.
  • One Nozzle for all types of Fluxes (up to 35% solid content).
  • Stepper Motor Controlled Nozzle Movement.
  • Stepper Motor Controlled Chain Conveyor.
  • Stepper Motor Controlled Conveyor Width adjustment.
  • Low level alarm for the flux drum (2).
  • Optional Integrated Ventilation with Filter.
  • Spray Fluxer designed to reduce residue built-up.
  • Optional Link to Wave soldering machine conveyor.
  • Safety feature while starting up the system.
  • Plug and Play of wires and tubing for easy maintenance.
  • Use of high quality components
  • Recipe library on 8.4” Touch Screen
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